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Water Heater Installation Options

Water Heater Installation Options

Conventional vs. tankless water heaters - the differences explained

If you're looking into your water heater installation options, online research is a good starting point. Here are the advantages of...

Conventional water heaters:

  • Heat water in a storage tank for future use
  • Can supply hot water to multiple appliances at once
  • Have become more efficient due to modern innovations

Tankless water heaters:
  • Heat water as it's needed
  • Are compact, so they can fit into tight spaces
  • Are energy-efficient due to the lack of standby water heating

Keep in mind that switching to a tankless unit may require plumbing, electrical or gas line upgrades in addition to the actual water heater installation. Luckily, our team in East Lansing, MI also offers gas line installation services - call 517-862-1020 now to learn more.